Tue Mar 24 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Thinking about purchasing some new climbing shoes? Join us for a demo featuring Evolv, La Sportiva, and 5.10!

Rock season is right around the corner - try on some shoes, talk to some reps, figure out what's the right fit for you!

Tue Jan 13 - 7:15pm

If you're new to lead climbing and want to get some tips from a pro, this is a great opportunity. 

Sara Gillers has been climbing for a while and is one of our youth team coaches. Thanks to her years of experience, including surviving a near-death climbing injury, she has accumulated a long list of tools and tips for mastering the tricky art of climbing on lead. You'll gain practical skills to avoid dangerous scenarios  AND ways to combat to mental stresses of climbing above your protection.

Overnight Merit Badge

Combines our overnights with our Climbing Merit Badge training.


  • 8pm - Ropes training class begins
  • 9pm - Non-merit badge participants arrive
  • 8am - Check out

Reservations: Required

  • Overnight - $40 per person (minimum of 10 participants)
  • Merit badge program - Additional $25 per person (minimum of 5 participants)

Ages: Suggested age 14 and older

Refund policy: Full refund if cancelled 21 days or more before the event. Reschedule or store credit applied for cancellations within 21 days. No refund after the event in case of a no-show.

Adult Climbing Team

The Team for Adults is a structured training and climbing program for anyone 18 and over who wants to work on becoming a stronger, more confident climber. We encourage team members to take part in local competitions as a means to set goals and push themselves to achieve but competition is not the goal--improvement and conditioning is.

Training Program

The team will meet for practices on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 7-10pm. Each practice will include climbing drills, technique instruction, cross training and strength conditioning. We'll follow a program designed to tackle each discipline and cover all aspects of practical training for climbers. By the end of the team year, you'll be stronger, have more power, better endurance and improved technique. 

Team Benefits

Being on the team will enhance your gym membership with the following perks:

Wholesale pricing on shoes
Discounted fees for all MetroRock competitions
Access to Team trips to climbing areas, including weekend trips to local crags and weeklong trips to the New River Gorge and Horsepens. 

About the Coaches

Our coaches come from a variety of competitive and outdoor climbing backgrounds. Head coach Jackie Pettitt is a lead personal trainer at MetroRock, coach of the youth team and competition climber. She has built successful training programs for climbers at all levels and ages. Assistant coaches Alex Hansen and Olivia Metcalf are experienced coaches in our youth programs and accomplished climbers in their own right. Alex is the head youth coach in Newburyport and Olivia has competed for the USA National climbing team as a member of our youth team.

For info on coaching and program matters: Jackie Pettitt- Head Coach

For billing/admin contact: Matt Yosca- Team Coordinator

Team Fees

The team is only open to MetroRock membership holders. The additional team fees cover the cost of training and coaching. The season goes for 8 months from September to May.

Initial Team Deposit (non-refundable): $300

Monthly fees: $125/month, starting in October, totalling 7 payments ($875).

That's $1175 total fees. Seem like a lot? If you consider that you get at least 24 hours of training per month, that works out to about $6/hour, not to mention the discounts and perks!

Quick details
Team is designed for:Beginner to advanced climbers
Days:Wednesdays and Sundays
Dates:Sept 21 - May 20
Times:7 - 10pm
  • Wholesale prices on shoes
  • Extra discounts on gear
  • Discount on comp fees
  • Climbing trips for team members
Costs:$300 deposit + $125/month


MetroRock is pleased to offer Yoga classes on a regular basis. Classes are taught by experienced yoga instructors who also share the passion of climbing. This allows them to focus-in on strengthening and stretching core muscles used in the sport. Yoga practice will help you increase flexibility, strength and mental focus; all vital elements to improve your climbing abilities!

Yoga is FREE for members and just $5 for non-members.

Yoga mats and blocks are available for free to borrow at the front desk.


  • Monday through Thursday from 7:00-8:00pm

Climbing Team

Team MetroRock is a youth climbing team that meets 9 months out of the year to train for competitions and have some fun climbing. Though competing isn't mandatory, our team trains for local, regional and national competitions as part of the United States Competition Climbing Association (USCCA). Each year, several members typically advance to nationals.

The coaching staff work with kids from grade school to high school in weekly practice sessions. We help kids become competition level climbers through technique and strength development as well as climbing safety at higher levels. Team kids have fun, learn to work hard to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Our facilities feature extensive bouldering areas and tall walls for rope climbing, giving team members plenty of terrain to work on both disciplines. Optional trips to outdoor climbing areas, both regional and around the country ,round out the training and give members a chance to take their skill to real rock.

Please see our 2014-2015 Info Packet for information on fees, scheduling and team structure. For more information please inquire at our front desk by phone or in person.


September 24 at 6pm

Please have your child complete the Team Code of Conduct & Questionnaire and bring it with them. These meetings will provide an opportunity to get to know other team members, set goals and expectations. Please plan on attending orientation to meet with the coaches and set up billing.



Merit Badge

MetroRock's Merit Badge Counselors can confidently offer scouts all of the information and coaching needed to earn their Climbing Badge according to current Boy Scout requirements.

Due the amount of material covered, we recommend doing the course in two sessions. The first session will focus on the basics of tying in and belaying. The second session will cover climbing and rappelling in more depth allowing plenty of time for skills verification.

MetroRock guides will be available at a 1:6 ratio and rental equipment is included.

When: Typically one weeknight (7:30pm-9:00pm) and one weekend day (10:00am-3:00pm)

Reservations: Required

Cost: $70 per person

Ages: Suggested age 14 and older

Basic Top Rope Safety (101)

Are you interested in climbing for the first time? Has it been a while since you have last climbed and are you looking for a refresher? This course is designed for beginners that are looking to take the first steps to get into rock climbing. Our professional staff will walk you through the basics and steps required to get you climbing on the ropes and having a great time. We will teach you:

  • Equipment: how to use a harness and belay device
  • Knots: tying in with a figure 8 follow-through, plus a fisherman's backup
  • Belaying: using a locking carabiner and ATC to confidently keep your climbing partner safe
  • Commands: how to communicate with your climbing partner
  • After taking this course, most students can safely pass the MetroRock belay check, necessary to climb in the gym


Course Details

This course is designed for:Beginners
Minimum Age:Must be at least 14 years old
Max ratio: 6 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Dates:Weekdays 7:30-9pm. Weekends 12:30 - 2pm. Call us to arrange for a class at any other time.
Equipment Requirements:None
Suggested Prerequisites:None
Prices (per climber):$40, includes gear and day pass. $20 for ladies on Monday and students on Fridays!

Reservations are required!

Advanced Climber (201)

Are your climbing workouts feeling lackluster lately? Do you feel like you have reached a plateau? The Advanced Climber course is designed to teach you skills necessary to get you to the next level. Many harder climbs require advanced training and technique that are beyond the basics. We will assess your strength, evaluate your technique, and grade your route finding strategy. Our goal is to give you the insight into what it will take for you to climb harder routes. The scorecard that we will use to assess your climbing fitness and grade your climbing know-how is found below. Course Details
This course is designed for: 5.7 - 5.9 range
Minimum Age:   Must be at least 14 years old
Max ratio: 4 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Dates: Open, Usually M-F 6:00pm  9:00pm
Instructors have some flexibility with the schedule, but reservations are required!
Equipment Requirements: None
Suggested Prerequisites: 101 or 102
Prices (per climber) $75 per person; course lasts 3 hours

Indoor Lead Climber (301)

 Looking for a greater challenge in your climbing visits to the gym? Looking to ratchet up the excitement? Grab the Sharp End of the rope! The Indoor Lead Climber course will teach you the skills required to safely climb on lead. When you can confidently climb 5.9 and are ready to advance your climbing to next level, this class will give you access to the lead-only routes in the gym and provide a gateway to climbing outside. The main focus of the class is on basic lead climbing and belaying skills with some discussion on more advanced practices. Students should be prepared to climb and belay during class; climbing shoes, harness and ATC style belay device are required. Rope will be provided. ***Please Note*** Completion of this course will not qualify you to safely and successfully climb lead routes outdoors.
We will teach you:
  • Belaying: how to spot and belay a lead climber
  • Leading: how to climb on the sharp end of the rope safely and efficiently
  • Clipping: how to avoid back clipping and Z-clipping, and how to clip efficiently in a variety of positions
  • Falling and catching a fall: how to safely take a fall and how to provide a soft catch
Class Details                
This class is designed for: 5.9 or higher climbers
Max ratio:      6 Climbers : 1 Instructor
Dates offered Class runs by appointment only* *reservations required; minimum of 2 sign ups for class to run
Suggested Prerequisites: Advanced Climber (201)
Prices (per climber):  $75 ($63.75 for members)
Supplemental Training Class:  $18 M-Th 6pm to 7pm


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