Overnight Merit Badge

Combines our overnights with our Climbing Merit Badge training.


  • 8pm - Ropes training class begins
  • 9pm - Non-merit badge participants arrive
  • 8am - Check out

Reservations: Required

  • Overnight - $40 per person (minimum of 10 participants)
  • Merit badge program - Additional $25 per person (minimum of 5 participants)

Ages: Suggested age 14 and older

Refund policy: Full refund if cancelled 21 days or more before the event. Reschedule or store credit applied for cancellations within 21 days. No refund after the event in case of a no-show.

After School Program

MetroRock’s After School Program provides a fun and safe arena for kids to experience the challenging world of climbing. Your children will push themselves physically and mentally while having fun with their peers.

When: Our program runs on the weekday of your choice from 3:30-5pm. Our low instructor-to-student ratio ensures individualized attention as your child learns climbing skills and techniques in a fun, social environment.

Who: The program is designed for kids from pre-K through middle school, with activities for all abilities and ages. The school year is divided into six week sessions to provide flexibility. Kids get a free membership to the gym for the duration of the session. Can’t do a full session? We welcome single day sign-ups.

Cost: $200/child for a 6 week session. $375/child for a 12 week session. $40/day for drop-ins (must reserve in advance)

10% discount applies for siblings.

Schedule for 2014-15 School Year: 

* Program does NOT meet during school vacation weeks or Thanksgiving day. Ask about our break camps to keep the fun going! If you have unique scheduling requirements, please give us a call and we will try to accommodate you.

Refund policy: Full refund if cancelled 21 days or more before the event. Reschedule or store credit applied for cancellations within 21 days. No refund after the event in case of a no-show.


MetroRock is pleased to offer Yoga classes on a regular basis. Classes are taught by experienced yoga instructors who also share the passion of climbing. This allows them to focus-in on strengthening and stretching core muscles used in the sport. Yoga practice will help you increase flexibility, strength and mental focus; all vital elements to improve your climbing abilities!

Yoga is FREE for members and just $5 for non-members.

Yoga mats and blocks are available for free to borrow at the front desk.


  • Monday through Thursday from 7:00-8:00pm

Team Building

Challenge, Strength, and Confidence. Develop your organization into a stronger more cohesive unit through participation in the MetroRock Team Building Program! Individuals and teams will be pushed outside their levels of comfort to achieve success in both climbing and in business through a series of exercises that are challenging both physically and mentally.

Hosted at our world-class indoor rock climbing center, we work with you to identify your company/team goals, customize a team building program to meet your needs, and follow up to ensure that desired outcomes were achieved.

Our team building events include full use of our climbing walls and conference rooms. Your teams will be involved with meetings to plan and set goals. They'll compete in climbing problems and challenges and work together in mutually dependent situations. They will be pushed outside their comfort zones and have to solve problems or overcome an obstacle by utilizing their combined strength and power. Teams can be more effective than individuals and we stress the importance of relying on each other. They will remember their MetroRock experience for years to come and come away with new respect and appreciation for their coworkers and colleagues.

While each Team Building Program is tailored to your organization's goals and expectations, the examples below provide a range of programs that have been used with other companies:

Confidence Through Climbing Program Our most basic skill based climbing exercise. This is a 3 hour program that is organized as follows:

  • Climbing Fundamentals - Elemental climbing program taught in small groups. Focus on knots, gear, communication, and rope handling.
  • Skill and Movement - The second portion of the program is focused on developing climbing skills. The gym will be explored and participants will push their newly developing climbing limits to the extreme. Instructors aid participants throughout this process by demonstrating climbing style and technique.

Cost - $55 per participant. Use of a conference room is available for team meetings and meals.

Peak Development Team Building Event At a minimum of 4 hours long, this is our most comprehensive team building program. It is a custom designed event with your goals and expectations built in. Predetermined group exercises are used to elaborate on the themes that your organization most desires to work on. Specific activity based exercises that have been used in the past are:

  • Climbing Fundamentals - Elemental climbing program taught in small groups with a focus on knots, gear, communication, and rope handling. It is suggested that all team building programs start with this element for several reasons. Firstly, climbing is a trust-based sport that requires partners to work together. Secondly, much of the rest of the program involves various elements of climbing, all of which require basic knowledge.
  • Climbing Blind - Participants are completely blindfolded and asked to climb routes while partners on the ground are instructing the climber on how and where to climb. The focus of this exercise is communication development between the two partners. Post exercise facilitation is suggested. Trust Rappel - Have you ever leaned backwards over a 35 foot ledge? If you haven't this experience can be incredibly nerve wracking. To foster the trust bond between co-workers we will have a partner actually hold the rope that lowers the climber to the ground. Post exercise facilitation is suggested.
  • Water Balloon Drop - Groups of 5 or 6 meet in a private area for a fixed period of time. The goal of the group is to develop and build a safety container capable of catching a water balloon dropped from 35 feet. The materials used to build this container are simple raw materials such as string, straws, paperclips, etc. The exercise focuses on teamwork as groups must decide quickly on a design and build strategy. Post exercise facilitation is suggested.
  • Trivia Traverse - Working with a representative from your firm, specific company trivia is developed and used in this game. Groups are randomly selected and teams are timed on the traverse. Advancing through the traverse requires the correct answers. The focus of this exercise is group cohesion.
  • Speed Climbing Challenge - Groups are randomly selected and teams are formed in a timed exercise. Each team will record their participants time on 2 different routes. Speed is the focus. Teams then compare their aggregated times to determine the winner. The focus of this exercise is group cohesion. These are only examples of exercises that have been used in the past. We realize that not everyone in your group is at the same level of physical fitness or ability. The exercises above require different levels of fitness, some more and some less. We are happy to tailor the event to your group's abilities.

Cost - Contact us for a customized price based on your needs and parameters. Use of a conference room is available for team meetings and meals.

Private Belay

New to climbing? Want your kids to climb, but don't know how to belay yet?

In a Private Belay our experienced staff are there to belay you up and down the wall. There is no instruction involved, just pure climbing!

Pricing is: $25 per hour for 1 on 1 and $20 per/person hour group rate. 5:1 climber to staff ratio, maximum.

Call the front desk to reserve a time slot at (802) 878-4500


Rock your next party at MetroRock!

Looking for a special way to celebrate an event? Choose the party that they will talk about for months! We'll get all of your friends up in the air, either on our climbing walls, on our adventure challenge course, or both. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be with your group every step of the way to ensure a great time is had by all. All instructors and equipment rental is included, as well as exclusive use of one of our party rooms. Bring your own food and decorations and let the fun begin!*

*Fridge/freezer space and pizza delivery available.  

Please note! All participants under the age of 18 must bring a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please make sure that everyone comes with one, or they will not be able to participate!

Two Hour Party:
 $195 deposit for the first 6, $30 for each additional. Call today to reserve your party!


Have you ever dreamed of having the whole place to yourselves?

Fill the gym with friends as you go from climb to climb - no waiting, no lines! And the best part is you can stay up as late as you want: climbing, slacklining, playing games, watching movies, whatever you decide! And when you're ready for bed, grab your pillow and pick a comfy spot beneath the ropes on a soft cushy bed of foam.

Book an overnight and you'll have a dedicated room to lay out your stuff, private use of the facilities after closing, all needed rental equipment, and a friendly MetroRock staff member for the overnight stay. You can hire our trusty staff to belay for an additional fee, or we'll help train members of your group to handle the ropes: MetroRock will provide a FREE BASIC SAFETY (101) class for up to 6 chaperones before the date of the overnight, and can train additional chaperones for $10 each on the night of the event.

Your MetroRock overnight is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience!

Cost: $40 per person ($500 minimum). MetroRock members receive a 10% discount.

Ages: 5+ years old. Chaperones required for children under 18.

Contact us for more details or if you have any questions!

Climbing Team

Team MetroRock is a youth climbing team that meets 9 months out of the year to train for competitions and have some fun climbing. Though competing isn't mandatory, our team trains for local, regional and national competitions as part of the United States Competition Climbing Association (USCCA). Each year, several members typically advance to nationals.

The coaching staff work with kids from grade school to high school in weekly practice sessions. We help kids become competition level climbers through technique and strength development as well as climbing safety at higher levels. Team kids have fun, learn to work hard to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Our facilities feature extensive bouldering areas and tall walls for rope climbing, giving team members plenty of terrain to work on both disciplines. Optional trips to outdoor climbing areas, both regional and around the country ,round out the training and give members a chance to take their skill to real rock.

Please see our 2014-2015 Info Packet for information on fees, scheduling and team structure. For more information please inquire at our front desk by phone or in person.


September 24 at 6pm

Please have your child complete the Team Code of Conduct & Questionnaire and bring it with them. These meetings will provide an opportunity to get to know other team members, set goals and expectations. Please plan on attending orientation to meet with the coaches and set up billing.



Merit Badge

MetroRock's Merit Badge Counselors can confidently offer scouts all of the information and coaching needed to earn their Climbing Badge according to current Boy Scout requirements.

Due the amount of material covered, we recommend doing the course in two sessions. The first session will focus on the basics of tying in and belaying. The second session will cover climbing and rappelling in more depth allowing plenty of time for skills verification.

MetroRock guides will be available at a 1:6 ratio and rental equipment is included.

When: Typically one weeknight (7:30pm-9:00pm) and one weekend day (10:00am-3:00pm)

Reservations: Required

Cost: $70 per person

Ages: Suggested age 14 and older

Summer Camp

Our Indoor Climbing Camp provides a well-rounded introduction to rock climbing for kids aged 5-15. Each day consists of a mix of climbing, games and adventure elements on our climbing walls and challenge courses. Our experienced staff is trained to keep campers happy, engaged and having fun in a safe environment. We are a fully licensed camp by the state and town.

Our camp programs emphasize:

  • -Individual achievement
  • -Belaying and knot tying (age dependent)
  • -Teamwork
  • -Technique, based on ability
  • -Climbing safety,
  • and much more!

Check back in 2015 for more details!


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